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Terms & Conditions

Returns offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all physical items sold directly by us. The 30 days are counted from the arrival of the item. The item has to be in a 'good as new' condition for us to accept refunding and you cannot return an item without contacting Support first. The customer covers the shipping back to A copy of the original invoice or receipt must be supplied along with the item.


We aim to ship direct orders the next day after we receive the payment. If the payment is received during a public holiday we will try to ship the order the first business day after the holiday. With online credit card payment, the transaction is instant. Please note that other payment methods require some processing time. We reserve the right to delay shipments a few days due to unexpected inconveniences, unexpected stock shortages or heavy workload. When the order is shipped we will send you the tracking number by e-mail. The tax authorities of countries outside the EU sometimes add sales/import tax. If you are unsure of the regulations for your country, please check with the relevant public authority. We write the following customs commodity code on Timetosser shipments: 92071080.

Warranty devices come with a two-year limited warranty, starting from the date of the original purchase. Being able to prove the date of the original purchase with an invoice or a receipt is necessary if you require warranty service. If the device should need repair during the warranty period no charges will be applied for parts or labor. This warranty is transferable to other owners should the device be resold during the warranty period. Items such as t-shirts, stickers, postcards etc. are not covered by this warranty.


WARRANTY DISCLAIMER’s warranty for products and, if applicable, software as described in’s End User License Agreement for Software (“EULA”) (the EULA covers software/firmware accompanying or is installed on the product) shall not apply if the product (I) has been altered/opened, repaired/attempted to be repaired or reversed engineered in any way, except by or an authorized representative/repair center of, (II) has not been installed, operated, repaired or maintained in accordance with’s recommendations, instructions and/or the product’s user manual, (III) on which the serial number has been defaced, modified or removed, (IV) has been subjected to unusual levels of physical or electrical stress, abnormal environmental conditions (including but not limited to deterioration due to perspiration, corrosive atmosphere or other external causes such as extremes in temperature or humidity), misuse, negligence, or accident, or (V) damages attributable to power line surge or related electrical abnormalities, lightning damage or Acts of God.

Furthermore,’s warranty does not cover damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from (I) any shipment of the product (claims must be presented to the carrier), (II) normal wear and tear and/or failure to comply with any periodic maintenance, or (III) RFI/EMI (interference/noise) caused by improper grounding or the improper use of either certified or uncertified equipment.’s warranty for products does not cover issues, damages, faults, malfunction or limitations in usage due to non-performance of software, including but not limited to the product’s firmware, regardless if the software is provided by or a third party.


Warranty service procedure for devices bought from a retailer:

First, please contact the retailer’s support channel if you need warranty service. You will then be guided on how to proceed with your case. Note that the two-year limited warranty is in addition to any warranty your retailer may offer.


Warranty service procedure for devices bought from the webshop:

Contact Support at if you need warranty service. You cannot send a unit to a certified repair center unless agreed to by The customer is responsible for shipping charges if the device needs to be shipped to a certified repair center for warranty service. covers the return shipping to the customer during the warranty period. Should the unit be dead on arrival, or if the hardware malfunctions within 30 days of the original purchase date, will cover the shipping to a certified repair center. end user license agreement

The End User License Agreement which covers all Software can be reached at


Privacy policy complies with the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We store the bare minimum of personal data needed to fulfil our duties to our customers, such as handling orders, support and service of products. We encourage you to read and digest the Privacy Policy in its entirety.

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