What's in the box?

1 x Timetosser 1 x Quickstart guide 1 x USB cable (Timetosser is USB powered) 2 x DIN-5 to mini jack MIDI adapter cable (type B) 1 x Custom Timetosser travel case

Where can I order my own Timetosser?

After a successful Kickstarter, we now continue our campaign on Indiegogo. For a limited time, you will still be able to pre-order your Timetosser at a reduced price:

What are Timetosser's audio specs?

In stand-alone mode, the audio resolution is 24-bit, 96 Khz. This allows for buffering up to 16 seconds of audio (or 16 beats @ 60 BPM), with a round-trip latency of 0.3 milliseconds. In USB-mode, sampling rates up to 192 Khz are supported. The round-trip latency will depend on the driver-model (Windows Audio / ASIO / Core Audio) and the selected buffer size.

Why is Timetosser using the type-B midi adapter variant?

The type B pinout allows the double functionality of the sync / midi input. Connect a supplied adapter to use it as a midi input, or use a mono mini-jack cable when using gate signals. The same pinout is used on the midi-output as well. Note that you can use stereo mini-jack cables to directly connect to other gear that uses the type-B standard, like the Arturia Beatstep Pro.

What does the "tap-tempo" button do?

When Timetosser is externally synchronised through midi or gate, the tap tempo allows you to tap in a multiplier of the external tempo. This way, you’re able to halve, double or even set the internal tempo to a fraction of the external tempo. When not externally synced, the tap-tempo is used as a “hint” for the built-in tempo detector. This way, the system is able to home in on the correct tempo faster. The internal tempo is sent out to the midi-output.

Can I control Timetosser with midi?

All buttons will respond to the midi-input and button presses are sent to the midi-output too. This way, you can sequence Timetosser with an external device or DAW. The midi channel Timetosser responds to will be selectable with the help of a companion-app that will also allow you to update the firmware.



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